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Since I already wrote mini-reviews of a sort in the descriptions to the photos of kits I build, it's about time I started making more detailed reviews. While deviant-art is just as good platform as any, I went with the Google's blogger, as that makes it easier to search through the archive using the tags. I'll be reviewing kits as I build them + add reviews for the kits I already built.

So, here's the first one, review of the RG 1/144 RX-78/C.A. Casval's Gundam:…
1/72 VF-1S and VF-1A by aryss-skahara
1/72 VF-1S and VF-1A
The transforming VF-1A & VF-1S kits by Bandai. Rather interesting build, however transformation ruined the articulation of the kit - GERWALK mode has weight issues and BATTROID mode will keep sliding and falling apart when you try to move limbs. Making it stand is possible, but it's a tough job. I won't say the design is bad — it has a great design with a lot of gimmicks to keep the transformation and proportions true to original, but there's only so much you can do with the plastic model of that size. However the normal hands are a disaster. They have very limited articulation and fingers are fixed in the palm in such a manner, that if the palm parts are slightly spread, the fingers can and will fall out. Making VF-1 hold it's rifle properly with index finger on a trigger is a nightmare. They could have gone with a swappable hand that does that and looks good, but just didn't, although kit comes with an extra swappable set of straight  "salute" hands.

Model comes with the stickers and decals, making it a tough choice between the two - stickers are not your usual film-based, but rather thick insulating-tape-like material (if you built the 2012 MG Nu ver.Ka you've seen this kind of stickers - the ones used to add more color variation to the kit). With transforming parts that have tight fitting (as is usual with Bandai kits) this means that you'll have some stickers dislodged by moving parts (e.g. black lines on the side of the cockpit towards the engines or the top of the wings). Decals will very likely be scraped off by these parts, just a bit later.
RG 1/144 ZGMF-10A Freedom Gundam by aryss-skahara
RG 1/144 ZGMF-10A Freedom Gundam
Took me close to a year to take the photo of that guy and about half as much to upload it. Just as with most of my RGs, this is a straight build with panel lining.
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Last weekend I started assembling the Perfect Strike parts which had only waterslides. Since these would require coating afterwards, and I prefer it flat, it meant that I have to bring Aile Strike up to par with the striker packs finish.

So I finally got around to apply all the stickers and dry-transfers to the Strike itself to get it ready for full flat coat treatment tomorrow. Turned out the dry-transfers are the most time consuming, at least for the first time.

WP 20140613 00 55 01 Raw  highres by aryss-skahara



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